NLCS Game 1 Best Bet

I hate to oversimplify this because there are many more factors at play, but Clayton Kershaw is just -156 against Gio Gonzalez.

OK, now that the main point is out of the way, here are the rest of the reasons to stop reading this right now and bet on the Dodgers…

  • David Freese, former postseason hero, is hitting .321 this year vs LHP with a 140 wRC+.
  • Manny Machado 145 wRC+ vs LHP.
  • Justin Turner is hitting .336 with a 179 wRC+ vs LHP.
  • Matt Kemp 124 wRC+ vs LHP
  • Gio Gonzalez vs lefties .259 wOBA allowed, that goes up to .334 vs righties
  • Dodgers lineup will be entirely right-handed
  • Dodgers lead the leage in wRC+ at 111

Clayton Kershaw vs Gio Gonzalez facing a lineup of righties, at -156? I need to remind myself that this is baseball, anything can happen, but this is a great spot for the Dodgers.


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