NFL Week 5 Picks

KC -3 hosting Jacksonville – This may be a square play but I just think KC can get up and won’t look back. If Jax gets up, KC has the ability to come back. – WIN

Bills +5 hosting Titans – The Titans are a solid team, and new head coach Mike Vrabel is looking as good as he did on the playing field. However, this is too many points to lay on the road for a low-tempo, low-scoring offense like the Titans. – WIN

Chargers -5 “hosting” the Raiders – The Chargers don’t have much of a home field advantage which makes this a little more difficult. To be honest I don’t love this pick but I bet it. Time to fade. – WIN

Rams -7 at Seahawks – Speaking of home field advantage, the Seahawks used to have one of the best. However, the value of home field advantage is correlated with how good the team on the field is, and this Seahawks team is just bad. Rams roll. – LOSS

Texans -3 hosting Cowboys – In the battle of Texas, Vegas has pegged these two teams as even, offering the customary 3 points for home field. I just think the Texans are a better team than the Cowboys. The Texans D has not stepped up yet this year but I think this is the game they do against a one-dimensional Dallas offense. – PUSH

Overall: 3-1-1


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