MLB Bonus Bet: Monday, August 27

We mentioned on Friday how bad the Giants offense is against right-handed pitchers (88 wRC+, .298 wOBA), turns out they’re just as bad if not worse against southpaws with a wRC+ of 87 and .297 wOBA.

Enter Patrick Corbin, left-handed starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks:

  • 161.2 innings pitched
  • 198 strikeouts
  • 5.08 K/BB
  • 3.17 ERA
  • 2.37 FIP
  • 2.62 xFIP
  • 2.90 SIERA

The opposing pitcher Chris Stratton sports a K/BB of 2.02 and an ERA of 5.37. There’s not much more I need to see to place a wager on the Diamondbacks here.

You have to pay a little extra juice, but not nearly as much as I believe the book should be charging.

The Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks -168 vs. San Francisco Giants

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